Goddess Card Readings for Week of May 25 – Vesta, Circe, Lakshmi

Goddess Card Readings for Week of May 25 Vesta Circe Lakshmi for MotherHouse of the Goddess

The Goddess Card reading and messages this week are potent reminders of the impact Goddess has on our internal and external lives. When we open our hearts and minds and re-member the soul connection to Goddess, we also extend an invitation to the Divine Devas to focus us, change us, and fortify us.

Astrologically, the Sun is in Gemini and Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini as well. Lots of Air and idea energy flying around, although we may experience some mixed wires or information overload. If you are feeling overwhelmed, just stop. Take a step back. Breathe and observe instead of taking action or continuing the wild chase of ideas down a multitude of rabbit holes. And let the Goddesses lead the way …

Need some help getting focused? The Roman Virginal Goddess Vesta has stepped forward in the primary position this week. Her Sacred Flame burns bright to bring us back to center. As the Goddess of hearth, home, and family, She gently but firmly reminds us to be mindful of what is important. The latin word for “hearth” is focus and as I sat with Vesta for this reading, that is precisely what She said. Focus. Find your center. Take time to clean your home and sanctuary space. Allow the cleaning and tending to become a meditation. Don’t become attached to the energy of “being busy”, but instead allow for satisfaction in the step-by-step accomplishment of routine tasks around home. After physically cleaning, do an energetic “sweep” with some energy clearing smudge. Light a lovely red or orange candle in your newly-spiffed space for Vesta. She will keep the home fires burning brightly and steadily all week for you.

Goddess Card Readings Vesta Focus for May 25 for MotherHouse of the Goddess

The influence of the Sorceress and Goddess Circe may have us giving thanks for the sanctuary of Vesta. Circe is most well-known for turning men into swines and being the siren call of temptation for the traveler Odysseus. She is known for Her enchanting and sometimes dangerous energy, but with good reason. As a Goddess of Transformation, Circe reaches into our deepest, darkest self from the periphery; the spaces that we don’t always want to look into deeply. Interestingly, Circe waves Her “rhabdos”, magic wand, to cause Her transformations and Hermes (aka Mercury) also carries a rhadbos. With the influence of this Mercury Retrograde, Circe is stepping forward as our companion in a “journey” through past events and decisions to decipher what the deep meanings are for us right now. What is coming up for you during this Mercury Retrograde that can be sourced to previous actions or decisions? What visitors are coming to you from the past? What needs to be sorted in your internal spaces? Remember, Mercury Retrogrades give us the opportunity to look back and to look deep. Circe helps us transform the signs and messages that we receive at this time into actionable plans. Circe loves potions; use an Essential Oil blend to assist in transitioning these energies this week or carry Smokey Quartz crystals for grounding and protection.

Speaking of actionable plans, our Gorgeous Goddess of Manifestation, the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi is back again! From the New Moon in Taurus to last week’s Goddess Card Reading to today, Lakshmi has been making Her sparkling presence known. Just as She melted into the heart of Vishnu and radically changed him, so She is melting into our hearts. Her message this week is calling us to stay in our hearts as we explore our lack mentality this week. As the Goddess of Abundance, She brings that energy to all aspects of our lives, but are we open to receive it? Or have we flipped to another extreme of hoarding energy or material things because we are in fear of lack? There is enough. YOU are enough. When you feel fear or are reacting with a mentality of lack, stop and breathe. Feel Lakshmi melting straight into your heart chakra and allow Her grace and purity give you the strength to dissolve the fear. Not even the Gods can remain unchanged in the face of Lakshmi’s powerful influence. A Green Aventurine crystal would be great to carry this week as a wonderful reminder of Lakshmi and it enhances the feeling of blessings!

Wishing you a joyfull journey through your week and lots of Goddess blessings!

Here is a quickie video of the Goddess Cards on my work altar!

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My Goddess Oracle Box has Goddess Cards from multiple decks and contains over 300 Goddesses. One day as I was playing with the Goddess cards, I had the urge to mix them all together and so the Goddess Oracle Box was born! The cards from this reading came from the following decks:

Vesta – Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Circe – Ancient Feminine Wisdom: Of Goddesses and Heroines by Kay Steventon

Lakshmi – The Goddess Oracle Deck & Book Set by Amy Sophia Marashinsky

Goddess Card Reading Grid for Vesta Circe Lakshmi May 25 for MotherHouse of the Goddess

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  1. Thanks for the messages! I have pulled out my smokey quartz…

  2. Thank you for this powerful post Kimberly. Vesta is indeed a beautiful Goddess, as are you!

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      Debra – HA! Goddess Love to you! Thank you – yes, She had a message this week!

  3. Natasha says:

    Absolutely lovely. Thank you for sharing this beautiful goddess wisdom. I love you are enough, take a deep breath and breathe; this is my intuitive guidance at this moment as well. Much Love, Natasha

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