Goddess Notes – Venus Goddess Grid & New Moon in Taurus May 18

Venus Lakshmi Goddess Grid and New Moon in Taurus MotherHouse of the Goddess

Happy New Moon in Taurus! The Moon is New in Taurus at 12:13am eastern time. Mercury also stations to retrograde officially today. 

With the Sun and Moon in Taurus, this is a potent time to tap our feminine power and join our Venusian hearts with the power of Gaia. What is your heart saying? And how are you making your heart’s desire manifest in your life? This New Moon offers some potent opportunities to explore what is at the heart and root of your desire.

Mercury Retrograde is more than confusion in communication and travel; it is also a time to head for our internal spaces, sort, organize, and plan. Saturn has a hand in all of this right now as well, so our sorting includes an exploration of what lessons seem to be coming up over and over.

The Taurus new moon on Sunday, May 17th at 9:13 PM PST is a hefty one. It will be opposing the halting, heavy energy of Saturn. Saturn makes things real and brings us the lessons that we need to master before we move on to the next phase of life. This new moon is an invitation to sit down and sift through the information we have. Mercury, the planet of communication and consideration is also stationing retrograde as the moon renews itself, emphasizing the sentiment to slow your roll.

This new moon asks us to meditate on the obstacles at hand. Saturn brings obstacles, solidifies them, and sees their benefits. Chani Nicholas


Venus keeps us in our hearts and Goddess reminds us if we lead with our hearts, the way forward will be unhidden.

Spend time in contemplation and meditation. Keep the flow of energy from heart to root gently moving. Journal and see what comes up. Make a manifestation list. Be prepared for some chaotic serendipity with Mercury in Retrograde for the next few weeks. Let Goddess bring you back to your heart!

For my New Moon in Taurus meditation, I created a Venusian Goddess Grid. Lakshmi is Venus, abundance, prosperity, but She also guides us into correct action for prosperity. To emphasize the heart and the roots of Gaia, I chose stones that resonated with the heart chakra, Gaia’s Earth Medicine, Taurus, and crystals that Venus, Aphrodite, and Lakshmi love!

Venusian Goddesses: Venus, Aphrodite, Lakshmi

Goddesses of Love, Attraction, and Sensuality: Hathor, Freya, Erzulie, Oshun, Shakti, Isis, Ishtar

New Moon in Taurus Lakshmi Goddess Grid MotherHouse of the Goddess

To charge the Goddess Grid, I chanted Laksmi’s mantra 108 times:

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha – Salutations to She who is the Great Abundance we salute and invoke!

From the top:

Rose Quartz Sphere – Rose Quartz gently flows into our heart chakras and open us to compassion, kindness, and love; not just for others but for ourselves as well. I also added two Rose Quartz tumbled stones on either side of the lotus.

Quartz Laser Wands – Quartz Laser Wands bring direct focus and confidence. They assist in organization and healing from negative relationships or situations that are based in selfishness and negative materialism.

Jade – I adore the range of greens that Jade expresses! From the deep, dark green of Gaia to the light green of new growth, Jade is a stone of good fortune. It is a wonderful stone to have near your work area to bring about the energies of successful manifestation.

Cowry (Cowrie) Shells – Cowries bring in the energy of the Sacred Feminine. For hundreds of years, cowries were also used as currency and I find that they are wonderful to place on grids for manifestation and sacred sexuality.

Emeralds (in the center of the lotus under the rose) – One of the properties of Emerald is spiritual generosity – the ability to BE in our spirituality and radiate that being-ness. It is also the stone of wealth. Emerald is sacred to Venus and Aphrodite.

Isis Quartz Points – Isis Quartz Points have a five-sided face on the termination of the point. They bring in the energies of adaptability during times of change and transition. It is also said to assist in evolving ideas into manifestation. Named for the Goddess Isis, She who is Great of Magic (and Manifestation!).

I also tucked a little Venus of Willendorf opalescent bead onto the top of the lotus. She brings the weight of ancient wisdom and power of Goddess.

Tap into your lunar intuition. Create your own New Moon Goddess Grid and share it on the MotherHouse Facebook – I would LOVE to see what you create!

Creating Goddess Grids of crystals, cards, statues, and symbols has become a passion and a potent form of meditation for me! Look for more coming on Goddess Grids in the MotherHouse Goddess Shop and Mystery School of the Goddess!

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  2. […] and beauty. She is really determined to get my attention, because She came up yesterday in my New Moon Meditation and Venus Goddess Grid. This week is all about the heart with both Lakshmi and Kuan Yin reminding us that leading with our […]

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