#GoddessAlive Radio and Goddess NUT Full Moon Meditation with Priestess Kathryn Ravenwood

Goddess Nut Full Moon Meditation with Priestess Kathryn Ravenwood on Goddess Alive Radio MotherHouse of the Goddess

We are gathering under the light of the powerful Full Moon in Scorpio and journeying to partake in the Mysteries of the Great Egyptian Goddess NUT. Our guide for the Goddess Full Moon Meditation is Priestess, Shamanic Practitioner, and Author, Kathryn Ravenwood (Raven) and we could not be more delighted!

Tune in with us as we revel in the stars in the belly of the Goddess Nut!

Join us at 8pm eastern on Sunday, May 3, 2015!

Tune in LIVE online on Blogtalk Radio or dial in by phone to listen: (347) 945-5979

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Goddess_Nut_2 Nuit reuseThe Goddess Nut is the great cosmic mother. Her form is the Milky Way bending over the Earth. Each night she swallows Ra, the Sun and gives birth to him again each morning after his night passage through her body. She is thus a symbol of death and rebirth. The ancient Egyptians depicted her body full of 5-pointed stars, representing her human children as star seeds born to Earth and destined to return to the divine home she holds for us. She is said to receive all her children back into her body when death occurs and is depicted on coffin lids and tomb ceilings across Egypt. Nut is the mother of Nepthys and Set, Osiris and Isis, who brings the inundation. The ancient law of As Above, So Below, is perfectly expressed in the relationship between Nut and the Nile. The ancient ones believed the Nile was the reflected body of Nut on Earth, spreading out across the desert lands of Egypt, bringing life, as Nut spread out across the sky, giving life to her children and receiving them back into her body when the journey was over. from How to Create Sacred Water: A Guide to Rituals and Practices by Kathryn Ravenwood published Inner Traditions – Bear and Co.  2012 

More about Kathryn Ravenwood (Raven):

kathryn ravenwood Raven has always felt the pull of the Mysteries, the desire to find a deeper knowing and understanding of life. Her long love and study of the esoteric realms led her to the Tarot, Egypt, and ceremonial altars. She studied in the Egyptian Mystery School tradition with Nicki Scully, Normandi Ellis, and Gloria Taylor Brown and is an initiated member of the Lineage of Thoth. Her Tarot readings are done with the guidance of the Great Council of Tarot for personal alchemical transformation. Learning to listen to Spirit guidance led her to experience creating Sacred Water Altars, as told in her book, How To Create Sacred Water:A Guide to Rituals and Practices, (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.)  She have travelled to Egypt twice and was a contributing writer to Invoking the Scribes of Ancient Egypt: The Initiatory Path of Spiritual Journaling (Inner Traditions/Bear & Co).

Raven is also part of the Gathering of Priestesses video interviews with Gloria Taylor Brown. You can join her Mystery School of the Goddess class – An Introduction to the Spiritual Directions: A Shamanic Path of Initiation



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