Becoming an Earth Speaker – Ritual Meditation with Gaia {WomanRitual}

Becoming an Earth Speaker - Ritual Meditation with GAIA by Kimberly F Moore for MotherHouse of the Goddess

“In many ways Goddess is a symbol of ecological wisdom, and as we face a massive ecological crisis, this particular symbol becomes timely and important. Passion priest and geologian Thomas Berry says that when it comes to saving the planet, the return of the feminine is the most important thing happening.” ~Sue Monk Kidd

In the beginning, Gaia was.  Primordial Goddess.  Creatrix.  Font of life.  Source.

Gaia is eternally shrouded. Her outer faces of gigantic mountains and endless lands conceal mysterious, winding caverns and the fire of inner Earth.

Respect for life, creation and our home (Gaia) is inherently feminine and part of grounding the energy of the Divine Feminine as strongly as we can into our world and our children.  The patriarchal thrust of our world seeks to conquer and dominate.  This is the root of modern disconnection with Gaia and the lack of respect and care for Earth.

Approach to Gaia and Her oracular powers was accomplished by consulting the Pythia or by ritual incubation.  In this Ritual Meditation, I invite you to assume the mantle of Pythia – Earth Speaker – and commune directly with Gaia and receive Her message directly.

This Ritual Meditation can be down in the day or the night, but preferably in the night.  In ancient days, those seeking guidance would sleep in a holy shrine dedicated to Gaia with their ear pressed to the ground for the night.  Their dreams would reveal the message from the Goddess.

Spend your day quietly and in nature.  Make note of any encounters with trees, animals, or other denizens of nature in your journal.  Drink a lot of water and eat a light diet of natural, whole foods.  Avoid electronics.  Dress in natural loose-fitting clothes.  As evening approaches, take two white candles and an offering for Gaia to a private space outside.  Appropriate offerings are barley or another type of grain, bread, honey, milk and even an offering of wine.  Your altar can be as elaborate or simple as you would like.  If you are going to remain outside, you may want to take your journal.  Otherwise, make sure your journal and a pen are next to your sleeping space.

Incense or Joss Sticks with Rising Smoke.Sit on the ground.  Depending on the time of year, your skin to Earth is the best contact. Light the candles and call upon your Guides and Goddesses to safeguard you as you prepare to receive the oracle of Gaia.

Breathe deeply for several minutes.  Allow the sounds of the night to establish a pattern.  You can burn sage or incense to clear the space.  Feel the support of Earth, of Gaia underneath you.  There is an electromagnetic hum to Gaia – allow that hum to travel slowly up through your body, relaxing each muscle with subtle vibrations.  Sink into the Earth fully as you relax and feel yourself completely encompassed, safe and protected. Stretch your hands out to the ground and place your widespread fingers on the Earth.

You can write your own prayer to Gaia or read mine – This prayer to Gaia is my personal adaptation of the Homeric Hymn to Earth Mother of All.:

Gaia, Oldest of Divinities, Mother of All.  You feed all creatures that are in the world. You are the Mother of all those that cross your lands, travel the paths of your seas, and soar through Your skies. Through You, Mother, we are blessed in our creations and in our harvests.  To You belongs the source of life and the mystery of death.  In Your joy is my joy and in my joy is the reverberation of Your blessings.  Abundance and generosity is Your gift. My life is fruitful and productive. My home is happy and overflowing with good things.  Through you, my relationships are harmonious and filled with delight.  These are the gifts and blessings of You, Mother of the Gods and all Creation.  These are the gifts and blessings of those whom you honor.  I seek your Wisdom and I offer you (insert your offering).  Enlighten me with Your vision.  (Insert your question for Gaia).  Thank You for (insert the things for which you are grateful).  I ask to be visited by Your dreams and to understand Your oracle for me.  Bright Blessings to Gaia, Oldest of Divinities, Mother of All!

From your root chakra, call up the primal mantra “MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and say it out loud and into the ground.  Continue chanting … ” MAAAAA  …. MAAAAAAA …. MAAAAAAAA …”

Allow your intuition and primal remembrances to take over.  Kneel, sit, lay on the ground and continue the chant until you know that you are done.  Then lay with your ear to the ground and continue to breathe.  Your heartbeats are Gaia’s heartbeats.  Your vibration is Her vibration.

If you are drawn to write in your journal, sometimes oracles come through automatic writing.  Go with it. When you are ready, go to your sleeping space and rest.  Bring the lit candles with you and keep them (safely) in your sleeping area.  Keep the energy of Gaia and the question you asked her in the front of your mind until you fall asleep.  When you wake in the morning, write down your dreams. Leave another offering for Gaia near a special tree or natural area that is special to you and thank Her.  Keep the journal near your bed and record your dreams each morning.  Pay attention to encounters with Nature and record them as well.

Blessings and Luck ~ Kimberly


Additional Resources for Gaia:

There are not many books that are dedicated completely to Gaia.  I have listed some of my favorite references that are good for Gaia, as well as the Greek Goddesses and mythology.


The Myths of the Goddess by Anne Baring and Jules Cashford

Lost Goddesses of Early Greece by Charlene Spretnak

Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity by Marguerite Rigoglioso

Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood by Merlin Stone

The Great Cosmic Mother by Monica Sjoo and Barbara Mor

Epilegomena to the Study of Greek Religion and Themis by Jane Ellen Harrison


Woman and Nature – The Roaring Inside Her by Susan Griffin (highly recommended)

Sisters of the Earth – Woman’s Prose & Poetry about Nature edited by Lorraine Anderson


Reweaving the World by Irene Diamond

Gossips, Gorgons and Crones by Jane Caputi

10 Books about Ecofeminism

The Death of Nature by Carolyn Merchant

Yoni Eggs from Brandi Auset’s Shop

Gaia Millenial Statue

Gaia Home Altar

If you would like to learn more about Gaia and 51 other Goddesses, please join my Self Study course: 52 Goddesses.  Each week you receive a new Goddess with stories of Her Ancient and Living Mythology, a Goddess Practice to connect, and resources to explore further. We also have a private Facebook Community and opportunities for sharing and discussion within The Mystery School of the Goddess.

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  1. Sara Teixido says:

    Kimberly, what a beautiful ritual and ceremony to bring us all closer to Mother Gaia. Over the last months she has become ever-present in my life. I take notice daily and post her treasures on Instagram and tag her giving her homage for the beautiful gifts she bestows upon us daily. As I read your prayer of devotion, I felt all of my energy centers light up one-by-one and come alive. The ritual you speak of is very familiar to me and I have to recount a story from last summer.

    Last July as I headed to an appointment with a healer, I used the slower, and more scenic route.. the second I left the highway for the less-traveled road, I was greeted by a shaded canopy of verdant green tree cover with little sparkles of sunshine breaking through. My top was down on my old Jeep and I felt the wooded lushness surround me like a womb as I was driving down the long and winding road. Her smell of sweet decay, earth, and pine filled my nose, and as I breathed in more deeply, more purposefully, I found my cares peeling away one-by-one. I started to chant a primal chant that echoed with the wind in my ears……… bubbling up from deep within and vibrating me to the core of my being. She was within me. She was healing me already, opening me and readying me for my release and surrender. As tears began to stream down my cheeks in joy and gratitude for the beauty that I had just experienced, a single white butterfly gently fluttered across the road, did a loop-de-loop over my head, and then flew away. I know that was Gaia’s kiss on my forehead.

    I arrive at the home of my healer and recount my last 30 minutes to her and she smiles, saying “This should be an interesting session,” Over the next 120 minutes I traveled in to the depths of my soul experience back to the beginnings of time, and I reconnected with that part of myself that is pure Gaia. Pure creation. Beauty. Love. Nature. Balance. In a daze, I reluctantly left the table and asked if I could retreat to the garden. There I lay in the dappled sunshine, the rustle of leaves moving in the gentle breeze, ear to the ground in the dewy lush grass. Palms down and releasing all……. I felt the heartbeat of the earth resound within me like a deep thrum, thrum, thrumming, building in strength……I knew that I was feeling her heartbeat…. I felt the earth rise up to support me, and I felt her pulse within me giving me strength, reclaiming me, and showing me my truth, my beauty, and my strength.

    Thank you Kimberly for sharing your love for Gaia, as it has allowed for me to remember once more her heartbeat within. <3


  1. […] In ancient times, Gaia had major shrines throughout the ancient worlds with the most well known at Delphi. Since dreams were believed to ascend from the Netherworld (inside the Earth), Gaia was attributed oracular functions and Her oracle at Delphi was established and consulted for almost 2000 years with the last 1100 years being under the auspices of Apollo. It was still the whispers of Gaia that came through the prophecies no matter the patriarchal claims of ownership. For an Earth (or any day) ritual, I invite you to take a sacred pause and become an Earth Speaker, using my ritual meditation to Gaia. […]

  2. […] Becoming an Earth Speaker – Ritual Meditation with Gaia {WomanRitual} […]

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