Goddess Alive – Goddess Full Moon Meditation & Interview with Laura Bee from the College of the Melissae

Goddess Alive Radio Welcomes Laura Bee from College of the Melissae Interview and Full Moon Meditation April 4 MotherHouse of the Goddess
Goddess Alive Radio is BUZZING with delight to welcome Laura Bee, Sacred Beekeeper and Founder of the College of the Melissae for an interview and a very special Five-Senses Meditation followed by a Blessing of the Melissae for the Full Moon in Libra!  We will be delving into the Sacred Archetype of the Honeybee and myths of beekeeping.
Join us on Saturday, April 4 at 8pm eastern for the interview and guided meditation!

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About Laura Bee Ferguson:

A beekeeper, educator and activist, Laura Bee brings a unique perspective to the study of the honeybee. As Founding Director of the College of the Melissae, Laura works collaboratively in the emerging/awakening of the Sacred Beekeeping: Six-Fold Path.

As a beekeeper of many years she became aware of the deep crisis affecting our pollinators including the honeybee and decided to do something about it.  As Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” so Laura developed and founded the College of the Melissae; Center for Sacred Beekeeping in an effort to establish a center for study that may offer new solutions and inspiration in these dark-times. Gathering like-minded, spiritual educators, beekeepers and artists she opened the school in 2012 to begin researching and developing the 6-Fold Path.

The same year, Laura took a ceremonial vow to serve the pollinators for the rest of her life and has been working on many levels in service to the bee.

The Six-fold Path

The studies of a Sacred Beekeeper in this tradition learns about the Science, the Sacred, the History, the Mystery, the Art.Medicine and Activism of/on behalf of the Bee.

In an effort to bring balance to apiculture she aims to bring cutting edge natural beekeeping methodology and practices, combined with a cross-cultural and spiritual context to her well rounded curriculum, ceremonies, workshops and lectures.

Laura has:

  • Developed beekeeping educational programs for children, teenagers and adults.
  • Served on the Jefferson County Beekeepers Board,
  • Provided mentorship and workshops for dozens of beekeepers.
  • BA in Anthropology and Religious Studies
  • Life-long study of many forms of Spirituality and ceremony
  • An artist and poet, Laura brings an ability to connect the scientific to the Sacred and is spiritually influenced by her work in the many apiaries she serves.
  • Laura has developed and participated in inspired ceremony and is most excited about her work in healing the Divine Masculine:Divine Feminine with wisdom teaching learned from the Hive. Laura is passionately devoted to the College goals, her students and her activism.

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