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Connecting with the Goddess Selene How to Work a Void of Course Moon Woman Ritual from MotherHouse of the Goddess

“We who are Priestesses of the Moon know how to bring it through in its pure form, undiluted by matter, and we call it the moon-force.”  Dion Fortune, Moon Magic

As the moon moves through its monthly journey of the zodiac signs, it also takes on aspects of the other planets. Luna may at any time be conjunct, sextile, square, trine, opposite one of the other planets; however, at the end of each sign, the moon makes its last aspect and still has some time left in the current sign to traverse. Basically, the Moon has finished Her business in that sign and She is marking time until She enters the next sign. This time period is referred to as a Void of Course Moon. The time frame can be as short as a few minutes or as long as a few days depending on the position of the heavens and if the other planets are in a late or early degree. As soon as the Moon exits Void of Course, She assumes the attributes of that sign.

After many years of study and ritual experimentation, I have found that the Void of Course Moon Time is one of the most potent times for pure, unadulterated LUNAR energy. It is the time when the Moon is just the MOON. She does not carry any of the attributes of one of the zodiac signs – She is simply Selene/Luna.

Selene/Luna is ever-present in our lives … She rides high and glowing at the Full Moon and teases with a crescent fading to dark during the waning moon.  She controls the tides of the Earth as well as of humans; providing a rhythmic cycle for women to remember her.  She is, quite literally, the Moon itself, not just a Goddess of the Moon.  In later mythology, Artemis, Diana, Bendis, and Hekate absorbed different attributes and became known as Moon Goddesses.  Her Roman counterpart is Luna.

You will find that most astrologers counsel caution during a Void of Course Moon. They will say that decisions made during Void of Course turn out to be non-realistic, false starts abound, judgment may be affected to the detriment, plans stop and start and change. It is also said that a Void of Course Moon can bring out neurotic behavior (who?me?) and delay and frustration run rampant. Void of Course Moons have also affected historical events – only a few presidents have been inaugurated during a Void of Course – Lincoln, JFK, Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton which gives us two assassinations, an impeachment, an attempted assassination, and an almost impeachment. Reagan actually avoided making any speeches during a void of course moon – going so far as to delay them if they were scheduled. Contracts signed at this time may have to be changed later or may turn out null and void.

Selene_1Things just are not grounded, centered, or predictable during a Void of Course Moon which in my mind is the perfect time for us to  get to know and work with Luna in all of Her naked glory. Ceremony or Meditation that is intensely focused on inner planes work and feminine issues are very powerful during the void.  Journeying, pathworking, and pursuits directed to creative mind expansion align us directly with Mother Moon as Herself.

It can be as light or heavy as you wish … just remember the grounding issues during Void of Course and be prepared for things to be more fluid or take you to unexpected places. The Void of Course is the time when the Moon finally drops Her mask and we can commune directly with the lunar energy. Keep the waxing and waning phases in mind as you connect; it will help you decide which aspect to focus on.

Activities that are recommended for Void of Course Moon:
Prayer, yoga, women circles, psychotherapy (being the divine “lunatics” that we are!), vision boarding, altar cleansing and set-up, ritual sleep, making moon water, dream experiments, deep meditation, vacations (with no set plans), channeling, and all types of Goddess connection and Moon worship.

Have a GOOD TIME, be open to possibilities and take this opportunity to hang out with LUNA during Her time off!


“I am the star that rises from the sea, the twilight sea.
I bring men dreams that rule their destiny.
I bring the moon-tides to the souls of men,
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
That flow and ebb and flow alternately;
These are my secret, these belong to me.

I am the Eternal Woman, I am She –
The tides of all men’s souls belong to me.
The tides that flow and ebb and flow again;
The secret, silent tides that govern men;
These are my secret, these belong to me.”
Dion Fortune, Moon Magic


Dion Fortune was an amazing woman. She was an occultist and ritualist, a pioneer in the field of psychology, a medium, a channel, an author, and so much more, plus she accomplished all of this in the early 20th century.  Her books are highly recommended and you can read more here about Dion Fortune – an Esoteric Woman who still influences Goddess Spirituality today.

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