Hebrew Mother Blessing {Prayer}

Hebrew Mother Blessing MotherHouse of the Goddess

To restore our Mothers’ names to our sacred history…

 Brucha Ya Shekina hanotenet orah l’sapair sipurim. 

Blessed are you who give your light to inspire the telling of sacred tales…..


Night Sea Woman – Tehom

Light That Dwells Within Woman –  Shekhina

Fiery Night Woman – Lilith

Let There Be Life Woman – Hava

Mother of the Tent Women –  Adah

Flute Song Woman – Zilah

Voice of the Flood Woman –  Na-amah

See Far Woman –  Sarah

Outcast Woman – Hagar

Pillar of Salt Woman – Eshet Lot

Praises All Life Woman – Yehudit

Earth Smelling Sweet Woman – Basmat

Buffalo Woman –  Rivkeh

Talking Bee Woman –  Devorah

Soft Eyes Woman –  Leah

Soft Heart Woman –  Rachel

Truth Seeking Woman – Dinah

Desert Eagle Woman – Asnat

Smells of Time Woman – Serach

Horn of Freedom Woman –  Shifra

Helping Hand Woman –  Puah

Golden Cloud Woman –  Yocheved

And never was there a prophet like Miriam HaNavia!

She sang open the waters of the sea!

And all the people passed through to freedom!

**the source of this blessing is not know.  If you know, PLEASE contact me so I may give due credit.

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