Diana – Goddess of the Wild – A Poem {Kimberly Moore}

Diana Goddess of the Wild a poem by Kimberly Moore for MotherHouse of the Goddess

Wild Woman … I call to you
Heed Me
Hear Me
Run to Me

Burst out of your casing
shrug off normalmundane and
Come with Me
Hunt with Me
Run with Me
‘til the breath screams from our lungs
and our muscles are nothing but adrenaline
Come with Me
and when you cannot take one more step
I will pull you
from the bindings of your humanity

Give me your tangles, your underbrush,
the brambles that prick you
We will clear it, burn it, release it
and together feast on the berries, my berries
until the juice stand our lips and our bodies
like warpaint
Marking us as other … other than

But we know
we know with the leaves in our hair
with the lunatic singing us home
we know that
the wild is in us
and the torches light fires in our souls
winding wilding as we run through the forest
through my forest
and down the hills, my hills
crashing through the green of me
to kneel by my mirrored shores
Come with Me
Hunt with Me
Run with Me

Give me your fears
your sense of being prey with
the copper reflections of silent terror in your mouth
Give it to me
Be the Huntress
and we will send your demons fleeing for their existence
as you sound the horn
and release the wild in you
until triumphant
you have no-thing but the wild in you

O’ Woman
who yearns and burns to be free
lay with me
stay with me
where the towering oaks break up the moonlight
into soft caresses
that whisper wilding dreams
moonbeams sinking into
the skin the blood the bones of you


You are Wild because You are Me

Written for Nemoralia 2014

©Kimberly F. Moore

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  1. Diana Kealoha says:

    I am very much interested in your Goddess workshop for in the future i would love to conduct Goddess workshops for women to ignite with thier God given gift , strength and power. To be all that is. With Grace & Gratitude I Am Diana

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