Autumn Equinox & The Horse Goddess Macha

The Goddess Macha and Autumn Equinox

Each people, it is said, who came to Ireland, had a ‘Macha’ with them; so we recognise this to also be a title, carried through the ages. Macha at the Autumn Equinox is the place of our ‘becoming’ and our ‘undoing’, held within the cave that lies deep within us. Each one of us carries our cave and we have placed a guardian ally/animal to protect that cave, lest any venture to enter, ourselves included, over time. All that we don’t like or agree with about ourselves, all that we fear others to see or know about us, we hide in that cave. Often we hide too, the power within that we shy away from for fear of misuse.

There are two main stories on Macha. one is based upon the Horse Goddess and the second is later and is based upon an Ulster Princess, whose lands she was being tricked out of by her uncle. In the first story – that of her Undoing – Macha lays dying while giving birth because her man spoke of her when she had asked him to speak not. In the second story – her place of Becoming – Macha had to reach within to draw forth all the tools she had and use them to save her life and that of her people and land.

Thus, this time, in the turning of the Wheel, is an opportunity to allow ourselves to move within to our cave, recognise the animal we have cultivated to guard our cave, befriend and embrace our animal nature and in so doing, allow ourselves to enter our cave. Here we can recognise all we have held so deep within – often from fear – and we can begin to integrate All aspects of ourselves; allowing ourselves to know and Be within the essence of our nature. In this way, we merge into our ‘Becoming’. We are not meant to kill the animal within, we are to embrace, even in battle with self, until all is integrated: all Being ONE.

Blessed Be XX


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