Kali – A Poem {Mary Reid Bogue}

Kali A Poem by Mary Reid Bogue MotherHouse of the Goddess

Open me up.
Break me apart.
Gently at first.
Whisper love to me as you
Tear me limb from limb.
Destroy my pretty paradigms
Shatter my shoddy illusions
Rip my seams asunder
Tear the veil before my eyes.
I want to see with your vision
My eyes have been blinded to the divine
They only see cars, buildings, and smog
Faces caked in makeup
Bodies wrapped in designer clothing
Give me new sight to see
Give me your breath that I might
Breathe life into the world
Revive the dying
Inspire the languishing soul-dead that roam the streets.
Kiss my feet to dance upon the ashes of the dead
Sing them into new life
Give me your courage
To walk among the ashes of my
Narrow dreams
Taking the dust and shaping it
Into charcoal
I smudge my spirit with the black remnants of who I used to be
I laugh
Nothing is freer than drawing with your bones
Failure does not exist
When you know the freedom
Of Dying.

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  1. Sara Teixido says:

    This poem gave me chills. Oh, the sweet surrender of letting go of the visages we hold to be our limited dreams. Kali will clear the way for a new way of being. Kali will love us when we shatter to pieces and blow away in the wind. She will be there with us in our oneness, whole and complete. Just beautiful. Thank you!

  2. Jade says:

    love your poem! I’m a beginner worshipper of Kali (if there is such a thing) and this poem help me to understand here powers. Destruction leeds to creation, next to death it brings also life. I also love the last sentence – the death sets you free part- food for thought. Thank you a lot!

    sorry for my weird english by the way, I’m a non-native english speaker 🙂

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