Paralyzing Thoughts and a Prayer to Durga {Kimberly Moore}

A Prayer to the Goddess Durga MotherHouse of the GoddessDurga came riding into the 52 Goddesses eCourse this week and I thought I would re-share this post about How Ma Durga helped me very personally.  She is the Protector – a Warrior Goddess with a glittering, flaming energy and a smile to enchant the heavens.  Her presence in my life, in my house full of Shaktis, is reassuring and bolstering.  I pray to Her often and She was absolutely critical in getting over some very rough patches in my personal life.

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And for you … a prayer to Durga … May She ride into your life as magically and magnificently as She has appeared in mine.  JAI MA!

My days and especially my mornings have been plagued with paralyzing thoughts lately. I call them paralyzing because past incidents that are painful well up and replay in my head over and over … one hurtful incident leading to another and another and I feel trapped. Morning coffee with a side of every bad decision I every made or decisions that led to painful results. No wonder I don’t want to eat breakfast.

Mornings are usually a contemplative time for me – getting my day organized in my head, thinking about work (which I love) – but lately this negative movie reel has kicked in and thrown me off. My days continue with this grey pall which then leads me to being oversensitive about minute things.

A chain reaction of paralyzing thoughts. It sucks and I refuse to struggle with a clamoring vortex of crap that would like to pull me down the drain of more crap. I could not find a more articulate expression of all the negativity than “crap”, but since that means a pile of waste, it really does work.

Here is the deal I made with my brain – part of the purpose of this blog is as a platform to excavate the crap – a place for my brain to empty and then fill back up with good stuff.

Here is the deal I am making with my soul – we will win. The crap will not paralyze my life, future actions and current and potential relationships. The crap will not define me except as the adversity that I overcame.

Take that crap!  I am not paralyzed this morning – I am doing battle with demons that tell lies and I am enlisting the help of Durga – Shakti – All Mother.

The Goddess Durga is a manifestation of Devi, the Mother Goddess who is the unified symbol of all Divine Forces.  The Hindu Goddess Durga came to Being when evil forces and demons threathened the existence of the world, humanity and the Gods. To destroy these demons, all gods offered their radiance to Her creation and each formed part of Durga’s body.  She was given the trident from Shiva and the chakra from Vishnu.  And then, she went into battle and destroyed all of the demons and saved the world.

The name Durga means “invincible” in Sanskrit.  Durga IS Shakti.

A Prayer to Durga from Swami Amritageetananda Puri

Chamakam to Durgadevi

Give me the heart to love, my Mother
Give me the grace to smile,
Give me the patience not to hurt another
Even those who my name defile.

Give me the courage to walk with cheer
The slippery path of the good,
Give me the faith to live without fear
And act the way I should.

Give me the determination to rise again
Each time I slip and fall,
Give me the strength to bear the pain
It’s Thy prasad after all!

Give me the will power to fight and trounce
Anger, lust, jealousy and greed,
Give me the wisdom the finite to renounce
And steadily to Thy lotus feet speed.

Give me the knowledge that alone
Frees one from bondage and sin
Give me the light by which can be known
The pure, eternal Self within.

This is a reminder that we are never alone … never.  We never have to do battle alone – God/dess is always there in whatever form you choose to call on.  God/dess cannot help if we do not ask.

Originally posted on my personal site – Shakti Womyn – The Goddess Durga

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  2. Dear Kimberly,
    I always saw Durga, Kali Ma, and Mesdussa hangin out together. To me they were women’s righteous indignation, and when an indignation is made toward your person, She appears. With her tongue hanging out and eyes flashing, She turns men to stone, and kills demons. When I was trying to handle my PTSD, buttons would be pushed by some insensitive and unfortunate man. She would show up and I would understand the true meaning of the phrase,”rapier wit” The poor man would just freeze, face blank and staring…. literally turned to stone. You manifested Her the time that ugly man invaded your Motherhouse, spewing foulness. You wouldn’t back down and he finally left. I love to see the Goddess manifest Herself, sometimes you just have to stand back and watch in awe. Jai Jai Kali Ma!!

  3. Charlisa says:

    Wow, Kimberly! That post and prayer brought me to cleansing, releasing tears! Thank you! I have a name for what you call “paralyzing thoughts”, which is “the evil, awful uglies.” We all have them from time to time and they are tough to deal with. I pray, banish and send my sweet guardian dragon to scare them away. When my dragon is done, he comes and encircles me with love and light an we cuddle up for a while. It seems to work very well for me!

  4. janki says:

    thank you for a beautiful prayer. I love Durgamaa and i depend on durgamaa for peace in my life.
    i pray durgamaa to take care of Her children and destroy evil, anger, hatred, jealousy, pride, lies.

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