#GoddessAlive Radio Welcomes Carolan Deacon on Women, Music & the Healing Arts 6/21

Carolan Deacon on Goddess Alive RadioSummer Solstice brings us so many blessings – we are welcoming and celebrating the Goddesses of Summer, marking the 6 month anniversary of Goddess Alive Radio AND (drum roll, please) being joined by the powerfully dynamic singer, songwriter and speaker – Carolan Deacon!

This will be a power-packed night with lots of laughter and discussion with Carolan on women, music and the healing arts.  We are delighted to explore her path as a spiritual warrior, armed with her gifts of music, voice and healing arts.  Carolan creates life-changing, magical experiences that serve to light a path to vibrant, empowered and joyful living.  Please listen to her gorgeous music on Carolan’s YouTube Channel.

Join us on the night of Summer Solstice – Saturday, June 21st at 8pm eastern 

Tune in LIVE online on Blogtalk Radio or dial in by phone to listen: (347) 945-5979

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More about Carolan Deacon:

Today Carolan creates musical experiences that gently guide her audiences into a life of vibrant color and help them awaken to the transforming power of Love.  Her music and writings are enjoyed around the world and her “Life in Color” concerts are a life-changing multi-dimensional healing experience.  Connect with her further on her website CarolanDeacon.com.  Make sure you stop by and say HI on Carolan’s Facebook Page.

Carolan expresses gratitude for her life including all the experiences that brought her to where she is today. Realizing now that we are all works in progress, she is strong, happy and has the tools to reach for peace whenever needed, and the blessing of sharing these tools with others. She performs regularly in both secular and non-secular venues where positive music and messages are embraced and celebrated. She regularly receives amazing feedback from fans regarding how they were spontaneously healed by an idea, word or phrase from one of her songs. Her voice has an angelic quality that reaches deep inside her audience on a spiritual level, healing and helping them to release fear and experience one “aha” moment after another. As one fan described, “Carolan’s voice is like beautiful crystal breaking barriers around my heart.” At the core of her work is her gift of music and its transforming ability to bless and heal.

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