5/27 New Moon Guided Meditation w/ Judith Laura on Maiden Aspect of the Goddess #GoddessAlive

New Moon in Gemini Guided Meditation on Maiden Aspect of the Goddess with Judith Laura

Join us as we gather on the eve of the New Moon and focus on renewal and the Maiden aspect of the Goddess.  Goddess Alive Radio is delighted to welcome another Founding Mother of Goddess Spirituality – Judith Laura – author, artist, tarot reader and teacher who will be our Guide for the New Moon Meditation.

We will spend some time speaking to Judith about her amazing Goddess writings (from books, to magazines to journals) and how the Goddess has impacted her life.  After the interview, Judith will lead a guided meditation for all of us to connect with the Maiden aspect of the Goddess and soak up the energy of the New Moon in Gemini.

With Mercury as the ruler of Gemini and with the Sun and Moon both in Gemini, plus Mercury preparing to go retrograde on June 7, we are surrounded with swirling air energies and a focus on the contemplative, mental and intellect.  This is a great time for conveying new ideas but, beware the Trickster, Mercury, who may change things up before your ideas are put into action!

New Moon Guided Meditation on the Maiden Aspect of the Goddess on Tuesday, May 27 at 8pm eastern time.  Click to listen live or listen to the archive anytime.

Goddess Alive Radio, Full Moon Meditation

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Judith LauraJudith Laura is an award-winning author of three books on Goddess spirituality and two novels. The second enlarged edition of her book, “Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics“, is Winner of the USA Best Book Awards 2009 in the comparative religion category.

Her most recent book,Goddess Matters: the Mystical, Practical, & Controversial“, received finalist awards in the “Spirituality” and “Women’s Issues” categories of the International Book Awards 2012.

Her first book,She Lives! The Return of Our Great Mother“, originally published by Crossing Press in 1989, is now available in its Third Combined Edition. She recently gathered guided meditations from her first two books plus 5 new meditations, into an audiobook, “Goddess Guided Meditations”, which she narrates.

Among the print and online journals in which her Goddess writings have also appeared are WomanSpirit; The Beltane Papers; SageWomanMatrifocus; and Goddess Pages.

Material from her Goddess books has been included in the “Dancing the Goddess Home” ritual of the Goddess 2000 Project,  “A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual“, and the anthologies “SageWoman Cauldron“, “A Pagan’s Muse“, and “Talking to Goddess“.

Her novels, which are not Goddess-themed but contain some material related to women and religion, are “Beyond All Desiring“, which received three
awards, and “Three Part Invention“.  Her fiction and poetry have also been published in a variety of print and online journals. In addition, Judith has created Goddess and other art available on cafepress.com and zazzle.com and she is a professional Tarot reader (schedule your reading with Judith here!).

Connect with Judith:

Judith Laura Goddess Spirituality for the 21st CenturyMain Website: JudithLaura.com

Blog: http://medusacoils.blogspot.com (where Judith blogs as Medusa)

Overview of books and poetry: http://judithlaura.com/books.html

Guided Goddess Meditations http://judithlaura.com/ggmeds.html


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