The Goddess of May and Sacred Sexuality {Links to Love}

The Goddess of May and Sacred Sexuality Links to Love MotherHouse of the Goddess

May begins with Beltane and the Spring fertility festival of May Day.  The Goddess is ripe and fertile, rebirthing the world with flowers, budding trees and warmer weather.  As we emerge from the encasement of winter, we breathe deeply of Her flowered scent and feel Her joy singing in our souls.  Many rituals of days long past included sacred sexual rites, naming Kings who laid with the Priestesses of the Goddess of the Land.  May Day is the promise of woman fulfilled, grown from the maiden of spring into Her full and abundant Self.

As the Goddess of May is integral to the land, abundance, prosperity and sexuality, it is the perfect time to continue the celebration with some delicious and powerful links and content.  Dance the fields with us, celebrate Her name and power and the power that lives within all of us.

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AMAZING Goddess Music Playlist from Paola Suarez on SageWoman Blogs


I Am Coming in Hot {Poetry} from Kimberly F. Moore


The Goddess AphroditeInvoking Aphrodite by Layne Redmond


Honoring the Sacred Yoni by Deanne Quarrie


Suhaila Salimpour – Belly Dance Goddess {Woman to Know Interview) by Tracey Paradiso


The Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh in Photos because the Scots know how to do Beltane


52 Goddesses: Bealtaine and the Goddess Meadb by Amantha Murphy


Grilled Oysters with Spicy Tarragon Butter 


Beltane – Occupy Your Body by Diotima


Making a Pilgrimage without Leaving Home by Jen McConnel


The Blood Well by Danu Forest


Danu, Celtic Mother Goddess by Judith Shaw


Be Your Own Dictionary of Fulfillment by Danielle LaPorte


Euphoric Globe {poetry} by Jacqueline Hadden


Self Love, Orgasms and Optimal Health (especially after 40) by Dana Damara


Our Goddess Alive Radio show and Goddess Moon Meditations have become a real source of joy and connection and we have a new flurry of confirmations coming in that are simply AMAZING.  Stay tuned!  

You can find the schedule of upcoming guests on the Goddess Alive Radio page and it includes interviews as well as the Goddess Moon Meditation dates.

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