Book List and Resources for Dreamers

Book List and Resources for Dreamers MotherHouse of the Goddess

On our most recent Goddess Alive Radio show, we welcomed Ellen Randolph who is a lucid dreamer and has been studying dreams for twenty years.  It was an amazing night and Ellen shared tons of tip for more effective dreaming.  We can’t wait to have her back and delve more deeply into particular areas of dreaming like Divine Dreaming and incubation.

You can listen to the full show on Dreams and Dreaming below.  Ellen also shared a great resource list for Dreamers.  Tell us about your dreams and how you set up a night of productive dreaming!

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Resource and Book List for Dreamers

Creative Dreaming: Plan And Control Your Dreams to Develop Creativity, Overcome Fears, Solve Problems, and Create a Better Self  by Patricia Garfield

Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life  by Robert Moss

The Wisdom of Your Dreams: Using Dreams to Tap into Your Unconscious and Transform Your Life by Jeremy Taylor

Inner Work: Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth  by Robert A. Johnson

Dream Dictionary by Tony Crisp

The Penguin Dictionary of Symbols by Jean Chevalier

A Waking Life (an animated documentary about the nature of dreams and consciousness)

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