My Wishes for You on the New Moon

magicThe cherry on the sundae of the planetary dance of April 2014 is happening with the New Moon in Taurus and Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, April 29.  It has been an exciting time and challenging time for some in the past few weeks with a lunar eclipse, the Grand Cardinal Cross, solar flares and now the New Moon with Solar Eclipse.  We have received enormous downloads of information with all of these aspects and transits – information that shapes and molds how we are moving forward in our lives and what needs to be released or addressed.

The New Moon in Taurus invites us to seed powerful intentions and see them manifest over the next few months to a year.  The Solar Eclipse gives these seeds a powerful boost – we are the Creatrix of our Lives and this is the moment of our Creations!

Tonight, we will have a New Moon Meditation at 8pm edt to connect with the Goddess Aletheia who aids us in making our divine truths unhidden.  Information will be on the MotherHouse of the Goddess Facebook page later today.

As I was writing my morning pages today, I wrote a prayer to myself and to you for this New Moon …

Today, allow me to:

make my life a powerful intention.

open to the Divine Grace of the Universe.

love with my whole heart.

breathe through challenges.

acknowledge and release self-sabotaging thoughts and actions.

see the Goddess in my mirror.

reveal my passion and enthusiasm.

chant the mantras of happiness.

create my Universe in abundance.

release all lack as that which does not serve me.

dance with wild abandon.

smile at strangers.

tattoo peace on my soul.

use the words I LOVE YOU to myself and those important to me.

have confidence in my success.

clean my inner house and make room for the new.

spend time in Union with the Divine.

say Thank You over and over again. and again.

recognize blessings that come my way even if they are disguised.

transform, transcend, transubstantiate, transmogrify and stay on the “trans” train.

feed my body with healthy supportive foods.

nourish my mind.

vibrate with Gaia.

radiate wellness.

move my business forward in a focused manner.

banish the should-have’s, would-have’s, could-have’s.

nurture my dreams.

listen to the soft whispers of my Deep Soul.

activate the Ring of Fire in my life.

sing my world into being.

pay it forward.

belly laugh, giggle, snort and smile lots.

awaken to renewal and my True Self.

be. be here. be now. be blessed. be delight. be beloved.

Thank you to all and Happy New Moon!



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