#WordlessWednesday – Speaking of Gaia {Photography}

Yes, I know it is called Wordless Wednesday but I am Word-full and cannot work without a bit of an introduction.  For me, photography is my center.  It is a time when the rest of the world and stress falls away.  My perception is laser-focused only on what is in my immediate environment and what is in my lens.

I may spend hours walking intently through a field to capture a jumpy dragonfly the size of my pinky.  Spending Sunday mornings in the garden at the American Orchid Society before they closed was nirvana to my soul. Nothing existed except the reach and stretch of those gorgeous petals straining for heaven and their sweet, whispered prayers.

Nature photography evokes the Drakaina in me – the Earth Speaker.  I can think of no better way  to celebrate and speak of Gaia than to spread the wonder of Her beauty.  Connect with me on Flickr as Shakti Womyn and make sure you join the MotherHouse of the Goddess Flickr group to share your own images!

Now for the wordless part … (all images are by me and may be shared with credit) …

Double Slipper Orchids Shakti Womyn wm


fb like a painting shakti womyn


Tattered Princess Dragonfly by Kimberly F. Moore Shakti Womyn


Lizard Looking out Below Shakti Womyn Photography


fb someday shakti womyn

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