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Full Moon in Virgo March 2014 MotherHouse of the Goddess

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on Sunday March 16th at 10:08pm PDT/ 7:08pm EDT/ 5:08pm GMT.

The Full Moon in Virgo happening today is auspicious ~  the Blessed Lunar Lady is in the only zodiac sign that represents a woman – Goddess and Divine Feminine energy abounds!

zodiac sign virgo- vector illustrationVirgo represents the Virgin, not as a physical status but as a Woman Whole within Herself; parthenogenetic, independent, sovereign as in belonging to no man but taking lovers when choosing, contained and solitary and at the same time infinitely creative and expansive.

As we look upon Luna tonight, contemplate ways that you are whole within yourself.  Journey inward buoyed by this powerful moon to seek the areas that are whole and those areas that seem broken or displaced.  Do not be distracted by the shadow side of Virgo that calls for perfection – allow the dreamy, encompassing Piscean waters of the Sun temper the perfectionist and know that you only need to be perfectly YOU.  The Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Pisces are a beautiful marriage of practicality and mysticism.

Virgo also calls us to be of service and the question to ask is how can we be of service to others if we are not serving ourselves well first?  Call your energy back to you and release those energies that no longer serve you.  This full moon calls for us to investigate within and truly know ourselves.  The Goddess is calling us home to ourselves – our WHOLE Selves and self care and self knowledge are huge parts of that calling.

As the last Full Moon of the astrological year, Virgo’s tendencies for organization and cleanliness may be coming forward.  I don’t know about you, but I have been moving furniture in my head and having major organizational urges in the past few days.  Since the Spring Equinox is not far away – a Spring Clean may be just the way to use some of the energy of this moon!

However you are choosing to spend this Full Moon, may you be blessed and full of creative Goddess energy! 

Links to Love

Our Goddess Moon Meditation last night with Julie Daley from Unabashedly Female was a brilliant discussion of the Divine Feminine and how women are moving to bring themselves back to wholeness.  Julie also led us into a heartfelt and powerful meditation.  I invite you to listen to the interview and mediation here.

Opening to the Pull of the Feminine … Together from Julie Daley

The Great Commandment for Women: Love and Care for Yourself as You Love and Care for Others by Carol P. Christ

Self Care is the New Golden Rule for Women by Tracey Paradiso

What is Self Care? from Mary Pritchard at Awakening the Goddess Within

How excellent is this quote from Hiro Boga?  YES #RuletheWorld



The Goddesses are VERY busy in the skies …

“The asteroid goddess, Vesta also holds rulership of Virgo along with Mercury.  In this magnificent Full Moon chart, we see both Mercury and Vesta involved in a Mystic Rectangle formation along with Pallas Athena (denoting our creative intelligence, wisdom, justice) and the South Node (what from the past we would like to transmute in this lifetime).

“This benevolent and harmonious formation grants the very real opportunity to bring your creative ideas into manifestation.  We have been blessed with this formation over the last several moons, as if offering the opportunity to powerfully align our bodies/minds/spirits with the energies now opening to us before we are tested by the challenging astrology of late April.  Magnanimous support is being offered for our evolution ~ personally and collectively.  Pat Liles – The Power Path

From Dark Star Astrology:

Lilith moves forward to connect by square to her crone side, Ceres conjunct the North Node. It is fitting that Ceres is highlighted, for the grain goddess resonates strongly with our Virgoan Moon.

Connect with Louise Edington from Your Cosmic Blueprint for astrological updates (psssst Louise is leading the Goddess Moon Meditation in April!)

Mystic Mamma has a fantastic Full Moon Roundup

Connect with the Goddesses:

Some of the Goddesses that represent Virgin energy are … Artemis, Diana, Athena, Hestia, Durga, Gnostic Sophia, and Gaia

What Goddesses would you add to this list?

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