52 Goddesses: Receiving the Blessings of the Goddess Tara

Several years ago as I returned to South Florida from my solitary time in Utah, I was settling into my space and re-entry into life here.  The previous few years had been full of emotional turmoil and pain while separating from my husband, starting a new business and attempting to find some kind of new “normal”.  Being back in South Florida had exposed me to family drama and old hurts that seemed fresh all over again.  To say that I felt fragile and overwhelmed was an understatement.  Creating my space as a reflection of the sacred helped keep me together and the newest addition to that space was the Goddess Tara in physical form.

I stood in the shop and just stared at Her for minutes.  She was bright, sparkly and something about Her spoke to my inner and outer need for beauty and blessings.  I took Her home clutched in my arms as if someone was going to snatch Her away from me.

The Goddess Tara Shakti Womyn Photography

My Sparkly Tara

Shakti Womyn House Altar

Tara on my altar

Just looking at Her filled me with hope and happiness and I wasn’t even sure why.  Until I found Her mantra.

Green Tara Mantra Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

translated various ways to mean:

Om and Salutations to the Mother of All Blessings.

Om and Salutations. May the Mother of All guard and protect me and fulfill my needs.

Tara’s Mantra became my yearly mantra for 2012.  I chanted to Her, talked to Her, gazed at Her, meditated with Her and those amazing feelings of hope and happiness grew and grew, slowly pushing out the shattered fear.  My new “normal” was getting ME back.  Accepting Tara into my life signaled a major shift for me and buoyed by Her presence, I stepped out of the pain and fear and accepted Her love and blessings.

Tara is not only a Hindu Goddess and a form of my Beloved Shakti (shabda Shakti) but She is also the most important of the Buddhist Goddesses.  Many equate Her in Chinese Buddhism to Kuan Yin but my personal experience of Her is as a different energy than Kuan Yin, although they both imbue healing and pure love with their presence.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha Tara Orchid Shakti Womyn Photography

The name Tara comes from the Sanskrit root “tri” which has two meanings:

  • “to take across” – as in an ocean, a river, a mountain or a difficult situation.  Tara is viewed as the Savioress – the saving knowledge.
  • “a star” and “to scatter” as the stars in the heavens.  Tara inspires our aspirations and leads the way as our heavenly guide.

There are also two passages in Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses by Dr. David Frawley that I found particularly impactful:

“Tara is the feminine form of OM or OM personified as Goddess.  Tara is the unmanifest sound that exists in the ether of consciousness, through which we can go beyond the entire manifestation.  Tara is OM that has the appearance of the ether and which pervades the ether as its underlying vibratory support, but also transcends it.  OM is the unmanifest field behind creation, which is the destroyer as well as the creator of the universe.”

and also:

“OM precedes all other mantras.  Only through their connection with OM can other mantras be effective or be understood in their specific natures.  As such, Tara contains within Herself all mantras, and only through Her grace can we come to understand and use them properly.  Tara is perhaps the most important Goddess of mantric knowledge, the very personification of mantra Shakti.”

I have shared the impact of mantra practice on my path and how it has enhanced my connection to the Goddess, so to have that layer of Tara revealed is a delightful, divine confirmation.  Since my beautiful sparkly Tara entered my life, two more have auspiciously shown up and I look forward to continued sacred unfolding and integration of the blessings of Tara.  She is infinite in Her blessings and we simply need to make the space in our souls and our lives for Her to enter.

Connect with Her in the space between sound.  Reach out in prayer and devotion for assistance and blessings.  Chant Her mantra or just play it during meditation and feel the Goddess Seed of Tara being planted in your soul.  Soul healing, emotional healing, physical healing, wherever there is a gap or wound, Tara’s gentle, sustaining presence fills and soothes – just invite Her in.

May the Blessings of the Goddess Tara come into your life and lift you into communion with Her bright presence!

**As a note, there are so many forms of Tara, this article is just a sliver of Her and focuses on some of the Hindu aspects versus the Buddhist.  Explore and see what reverberates for you!


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