Reading List – 8 Books that I Took to Bed with Me

Reading List 8 Books that I Took to Bed with Me MotherHouse of the GoddessAn unusual occurrence is in process.  I am lounging in bed.  I have been in bed for most of my days for almost an entire week.  And I anticipate that this will continue for approximately another week.  Unfortunately, rather than being a dream spa vacation that includes long, soulful bed time, I had emergency surgery (vernal hernia repair for one that decided to impersonate a stretchy balloon after a sneeze) and I am on forced bed rest.

I spent the first few days watching tv.  On a side note, House of Cards rocks and I simply could not muster interest in Breaking Bad.  As the pain meds could be stepped down and my busy brain started fighting through the haze, I was bored with the tv so I pulled some delicious books and took them to bed with me.

The Sunday before the life-altering sneeze, I was on an Archetypal Psychology reading kick that was leading to a 52 Goddess article on the Greek Goddess Ananke.  In an effort to pick up the magical threads that had begun to spin, I have a lovely mini stack that includes Mythic Figures by James Hillman, Re-Visioning Psychology by James Hillman and The New Gnosis (Heidegger, Hillman and Angels) by Roberts Avens.   These lovely, soulful meanderings can be encapsulated in a nutshell by a quote from James Hillman: “the heart’s work is imaginational thought“.  I am thrilled at the prospect of further exploration with Ananke as well.

An author that I have discovered in the past month is Nischala Joy Devi.  I was searching for a translation of the Yoga Sutras and encountered this delight: The Secret Power of Yoga: A Woman’s Guide to the Heart and Spirit of the Yoga Sutras.  Her interpretation of the Yoga Sutras is mesmerizing and includes ample opportunities for guided further experiences.  I can tell that this will be a treasured book for many years to come.

Yoga Sutras MotherHouse of the Goddess


Brene Brown and her authentic soul speak have had a huge transformational impact on my life in the past few years.  Her words of wisdom and guideposts are mandatory for silencing our inner critics.  Following in Brene’s glorious footsteps, I recently acquired a book by Dr. Kristin Neff who was part of Brene Brown’s seminal research.  I am just starting to dip my toes but already loving Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind.  From the book and something to remember:

Research shows that people with higher levels of self-compassion are significantly less likely to suppress unwanted thoughts and emotions than those who lack self-compassion.  They’re more willing to experience their difficult feelings and to acknowledge that their emotions are valid and important.  This is because of the safety provided by self compassion.  It’s not as scary to confront emotional pain when you know that you will be supported throughout the process.  Just as it feels easier to open up to a close friend who you can rely on to be caring and understanding, it’s easier to open up to yourself when you can trust that your pain will be held in compassionate awareness.

Loving Kristin Neff?  Yes, I am!

Lest you think the Goddess is forgotten … She is not.  

Goddess Calling-Front CoverSMALLI will be settling in to review the new (almost) release from Karen Tate – Goddess Calling: Inspirational Messages & Meditations of Sacred Feminine Liberation Thealogy  – PLUS, we have the honor of Karen joining us for a Goddess Alive Radio show on March 28 to discuss her new book!

Also for 52 Goddess Series prep, I have been loving my tiptoes through Sophia – The Feminine Face of God: Nine Heart Paths to Healing and Abundance by
Karen Speerstra.  Sophia is a Goddess that ranges from Cosmic Creatrix to Mystical Muse and Speerstra’s paths and reflections are informative and enlightening.

Last but not least …

In the cells and in the soul of every woman this ancient knowing is waiting to be awakened, so that once again the sacred feminine can make her contribution, can help the world come alive with love and joy.  Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee (The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul)

Tell me … what books are you taking to bed with you?


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