Goddess Alive Radio 1/24 at 9pm est with Devra Jacobs – Intuitive Life Coach

Devra JacobsGoddess Alive Radio has a very special guest this week – Devra Jacobs, Intuitive Life Coach –  We are tickled to welcome this warm, insightful woman to share her experiences and very unique connections with us!

Devra has been a professional intuitive life coach for over 30 years. Her unique connection with ArchAngel Michael since the age of 6, provides a multidimensional view of what is happening in someone’s life.  She does not channel Michael… he speaks directly with her. Many times in readings other people’s spirits, guides, or relatives that have past over will also give her information and join in. Devra has also studied Dragon energy for over 18 years, teaching people how to connect with their dragon guides. Devra believes through this teaching that there are 72 pleats of time going on simultaneously, in what many call multi-dimensional living. A gift of using dragon energy is the ability to move with a person through those pleats as they shift in thought and action during a reading.

Most importantly Devra is a real person living in the real world. She’s direct and says exactly what she hears from Michael and her guides.  Connect with Devra on her website:  Readings by Devra and take advantage of her special 15 minute mini readings right now!  Please LIKE her Readings by Devra Facebook Page as well!

Featured Music by Nalini Blossom and the amazing choir of Women – Circle of Women

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