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The Lilith JourneyI have a confession to make. I joined Mother House of the Goddess and I did not have a goddess in my life. Kudos to Kimberly and Tracey for inviting me to be a contributor. They must have done it on speculation, drawing on their own intuitive powers, because within weeks of joining MHG my goddess announced herself.

Very loudly I might add!

Now, to be fair to myself, over a year ago I did personify the feminine in myself in the form of a goddess. I called her Olivia based on a book character from Bonds of Blood & Spirits. Olivia, however, is not an archetype goddess. She is words and an image used to describe what I refer to as my White Witch. She is deeply unique to me.

Don’t get me wrong! Olivia is a very important to me, but I kind of felt left out. You know, like back in high school where all the cool girls had something and I didn’t. Not that I have ever paid particular attention to archetype goddesses, other than through my mandatory study of Greek and Roman mythology way back in grade nine. But still, Kimberly has a goddess. Tracey has a goddess. No goddess for Eliza.

Enter Lilith.

Olivia gently manifested herself in my life over a period of about five years. Not so, Lilith. She arrived with a POP when she asked me to write about her being the original bitch. Then a BANG when Kimberly asked me to select one of fifty-two goddesses to write about. Lilith screamed in my head “Pick me!” and then, literally within hours, had me purchase four books about her.

Lilith, the cheeky goddess, has informed me that I am her raison d’etre for the entire year of 2014. Just like that. There was no room for argument. So, for this entire year I am dedicated to the study of this dark and demanding goddess.

I will be exploring my Lilith journey here on MHG and through Goddess Alive Radio with Kimberly and Tracey. Seems I have joined the cool girls now, but I expect we are all in for one hell of a ride.

Gracefully yours,

~ Eliza

**MHG Editor Note:  I could not resist adding a brief note here to express my indescribable joy at being witness to Eliza’s Lilith Adventure.  They are both incomparable energies! Kimberly

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