Winter Solstice Reflections on An Cailleach

An-Cailleach-Crone-244x312 Helen OSullivanThe Winter Solstice, the space between death/Samhain and life/Imbolc;  The place of the Cailleach, the Crone.

Winter Solstice is also the place of ‘The Grandmothers’ and the ‘Ancient Ones’, our Stone People & Tree Brethren, the ‘Keepers of the stories’. This is where the Souls await for rebirth ~ the interplay of darkness and light.

Upon the wheel we have embraced our darkness and now we are awakening to the presence of light as we are called again, to spiral out, carrying our medicine bundles of this year’s experiences and teachings.

What are we ready to leave behind, so we may participate, fully and wholly, in the vibration of our Mother Earth’s song of re-birth?

Her beat is strong, our pulse vibrates to Her nature – shush, listen…, She is calling us to awaken.


Art by Helen O’Sullivan – An Cailleach (Crone)


**Editor Note – Amantha is available for readings and healings.  Please contact her directly to schedule: and refer MotherHouse of the Goddess.

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