Winter Solstice Blessings from the MotherHouse of the Goddess

Winter Solstice Blessings from The MotherHouse of the GoddessWinter Solstice is symbolic of the Return of Light.  In ancient times, when the agricultural calendar was the focus, people know that Winter Solstice signified the halfway point of Winter.  There was hope in the fact that half of the hardest, coldest months were behind them and the thaw was coming.  Astrologically, the Sun becomes stationary and then slowly begins to move in an upward motion in the sky to culminate at the Summer Solstice.

Today, on this day that is the shortest day and longest night of the year, it is time for us to tend our light.  Fan the flames that will sustain us in the next few months as we keep the promise of Spring and new growth in our hearts.

The Goddesses of Winter hold sway now (in all of their myriad forms) – it is the Time of the Crones.  They circle the hearth fires, poke the coals and sustain us in the darkest night.  We are halfway to somewhere so it gives us permission to lull (even for a moment) into the comforting bosom of the Grandmother.  The Crones are circling the fires and singing our souls home and giving us the strength to keep the faith – An Cailleach, Spider Woman, Baba Yaga, La Befana, the Norns and the Fates.

We honor the Mothers that have birthed the Sun Gods at this time of year – Mother Mary, Isis, Frigga and Maya; each bringing the Sun/Son into the world to be the symbol of Light across the continents.

The Goddesses that live on the snowy tundras are standing vigil and ready for the sacrifices of the past year.  What do you need to shed and leave to the harsh energies of the Tundra?   This is an opportunity for assessment and to ask for the assistance of the Goddesses of Winter to help you make way for more light in your life, in your being for the coming year.  Some of these Goddesses come with the impetus that you must transform or you will not survive the winter of your Soul.  Connect with Freya, Skadi. Holda and Demeter (who through her grief caused winter)

Finally, Winter Solstice is a time of gathering and celebration.  Our “winter stores” are tapped to bring forth food and laughter and hope.  Make time to gather with those who represent that laughter and hope in your life; this puts your best foot forward for the turning of the calendar year.

My wishes for you this Winter Solstice are:  

  • in all of deepest dark parts of your Self, I wish you light.
  • For the challenges of 2013, I wish that they are overcome to make way for the NEW in 2014.  And
  • I wish you a season full love, laughter and light.  You deserve it.

The year of 2013 was the seed year for The MotherHouse of the Goddess and 2014 is the reflection of the flowering of the seeds and Shakti Energy that infuses all that we are doing.  We have new online courses beginning in January, a bevy of incredible Contributors, a MarketPlace that is being stocked and even our new Goddess Alive Radio weekly radio show.

We are looking to the light and inviting you to join … come on, The Goddesses are waiting!

Join me and Tracey and Mona Rain TONIGHT for our inaugural Goddess Alive Radio Show on blogtalk radio!  If you miss it, you can always listen to the archive.


Winter Solstice Return to Light

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