The Book of the Dead and Samhain

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Fifteen years ago, I began a Samhain tradition that still is in place today – The Book of the Dead.  The idea for the Book of the Dead came from The Book of Pagan Living and Dying in an article by M. Macha NightMare.

Beginning in 1998, I began the Book of the Dead where attendees at our Samhain rituals, as well as friends throughout the year could add the names of their dead and also notes in the Book of the Dead.  Each Samhain, I would start at the beginning of the Book and faithfully read each name.  Attendees at the ritual would go to the altar and light a candle as they heard the names of their dead.  Fifteen years later, there are hundreds and hundreds names in the book that are recited every year.

Whether I had a handful attendees at the Samhain ritual or hundreds, the recitation of the Book of the Dead became a favored tradition.  For the upcoming Samhain, I invite you to share the names of your dead.  You can leave a comment below or you can send me an email and I will add your names to the Book and from this Samhain forward, your dead will always be named.

The Book of the Dead is a great tradition for your Samhain celebration.  Create a Samhain altar that incorporates pictures and favored items from those who have passed.

Enjoy your celebration and HAPPY SAMHAIN!

Book of the Dead from 1998 MotherHoue of the Goddess


My Samhain Altar Kimberly MotherHouse of the Goddess

Remote Viewing

by Bee Smith from We’Moon 2013

I can feel them at my back.

I know they are watching.

I know that they are there

out in the dark looking from

outside in through

the living room window

washed with a river of rain fall

and if I pull the curtains

they are no more

shut out

then I leave them open.

I leave them open.

They are welcome.

They can see that I have left

sherry out for a toast.

It doesn’t really matter if I 

have no photos

or any artifact – say

a pair of gloves,

a watch or a ring.


I do put out a few

to stand for the many who

I feel now at my back

this Day of the Dead.

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