I Love Amanda Palmer and Her Boobs

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Amanda Palmer

Normally I am not prone to making declarations about other woman’s breasts publicly but the kick-ass musician, Amanda Palmer has inspired me.  Plus, she is married to Neil Gaiman and that alone makes her a pretty cool chick in my book.

Back to the Boobs – You see, it all started with her nipple and said nipple attempting to escape her bra during a performance in England.  This led to a post in the rag  newspaper, The Daily Mail.  The article was not about Amanda or her incredible musical performance.  Nope.  It was all about her nipple with the lurid headline “Making a Boob of Herself – Amanda Palmer’s Breast Escapes Her Bra as She Performs on Stage at Glastonbury”.  It was as if the “journalists” at the Daily Mail had never seen one which considering the tittering, is quite possible.

The reason I LOVE Amanda Palmer and Her Boobs is because of how she handled the so-called article and her response.  Let me share:

I laughed until tears poured down my cheeks. The video has gone viral. Amanada Palmer is my SHERO. And I love her Boobs – no tittering involved. Check her out on AmandaPalmer.net and besides having two boobs and nipples, she has some really great music.

Amanda has also down an incredible TED Talk called The Art of Asking.

Who is your SHERO?

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