Priestess Prayer by EM Broner

The Priestess Painting by John Godward 1896This poem has always moved me intensely.  It may also be used in a group or personal ritual as a prayer.

Priestess Prayer by E.M. Broner

We bless you, We, the Priestesses of you.
We, your mouths, your cries, your prayers, your pain, your connections, your separations…
We are your scribes.
We inscribe your pain.
We are your collective souls…
We are born through the tunnels of your collective bodies,
yet We are old –
We are your ancients, your memories, your Ancestresses.
Our tears fill cauldrons, brews, broths, seas, eyes.
We are the mourners for you,
We are your wake…
We blow trumpets for you,
We celebrate you,
We laugh aloud for you…
Trust us for We are the ghost of you.
Look…in the shadows We walk behind you…
Spread your legs, My Daughters,
Let us give birth to one another,
Let us cry out in birthing pain.
Let us uncover our shame.
Let this ceremony unfold.
Let these friendships be born.

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