Blissing Out with Bees – The Bee Goddess and Her Priestesses

Bee Prosperity by Greg Spalenka

Synchronicity and a visit from the Bee Goddesses today …

This morning, I woke up with a scratchy throat and had an urge for some tea.  I prepared some tea and added a liberal dose of honey.  Usually, I am a coffee person but this morning, tea with honey was in the mug as I sat at my desk.

Bee Goddess of RhodesI was adding content and links to the 52 Goddesses site when I stumbled upon a very interesting podcast: Bee Priestesses with Marguerite Rigoglioso & Nancy Leatzow  who are interviewed by Karen Tate on Voice of the Sacred Feminine on blogtalk radio.  I spent the next 90 minutes listening to the incredibly knowledgeable interviews all about the source of the Bees and their connection to Goddesses and Priestesses and how important bees are to our survival.

The last 9+ minutes of the podcast was an airing of the knocked-me-right-out-of-my-body Mantra of the Bee Goddess by Layne Redmond.  It made such an impact that I immediately downloaded her Hymns from the Hive.

I have spent the day Blissing out with the Bee Goddesses and the Bees.  I could not sit still listening to the marvelous hymns from Layne Redmond;  dancing in my chair – dancing around the living room.  DANCING.  Shimmying. Swaying.  Returning to the Hive of the Mother – the Queen Bee  – I was flush with the ancient energy of the bee.

And bees are allllll about dancing – upon their return to the hive, bees perform a waggle or a round dance:

In 1947, Karl von Frischcorrelated the runs and turns of the dance to the distance and direction of the food source from the hive. The orientation of the dance correlates to the relative position of the sun to the food source, and the length of the waggle portion of the run is correlated to the distance from the hive. Also, the more vigorous the display is, the better the food.  (wikipedia)

Bee symbolism in sacred texts, temples and artifacts dates back to the Neolithic Period.  I will refer you to two wonderful sites: Bee Healer – Honeybee in Goddess Mythology and  Andrew Gough’s Arcadia that has amazing sacred bee information for further study.

Who are some of the Bee Goddesses?

Anatolian Mother Goddess with Beehive Style TiaraAnatolian  Mother Goddess – dates back 10000 bc.  She wears a beehive-shaped tiara, symbolizing “streams of honey” and being an example of status and abundance.

Bhramari Devi – Hindu Bee Goddess.  A form of Shakti who changed into a bee to fight demons and negativity.

Artemis of Ephesus – the statue of Artemis of Ephesus is frequently inscribed with bees around the base and on her legs.

Freya – Norse Goddess.  In Norse legend, the tears of Freya were said to be made of bees of gold

Gaia – Mother Earth – She sustains and protects all of Her creatures.

In the time of ancient Greece, and particularly in the temples of Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter but also of Cybele, Diana and Rhea, priestesses were called the Melissae, which translates as ‘the bees.’  The Goddess as the Great Mother was sometimes titled Melissa, literally, ‘the Queen Bee.’ Some classical sources describe these priestesses as young and virgin, others tell us the designation of Melissae was a title of honor, bestowed due to devotion and labor for the Great Mother by a certain individual, which was above and beyond the ordinary.  The Pythian oracular priestess at Delphi was known as the Delphic Bee, and the emblem of a bee was placed on Delphic coins in her honor.  Bees sometimes appear on the statues of Artemis, and the officiates at Eleusis during the celebration of the Mysteries were called Bees.  (Mirror of Isis)

Potnia – Mycenaean Goddess and Protector of nature, vegetation, fertility

Omphalos at Delphi with Bees Ideas for Meditation and Connection to the Bee Goddesses:

  • Read the stories of the Bee Goddesses and spend quiet time in reflection of the myths and stories.
  • Get outside in the garden and meditate with the buzz and hum of the bees around you.  (Don’t forget a journal!)
  • DANCE!  Turn on your favorite music, download Hymns from the Hive or just move your body and offer the dance up to the Bee Goddess.
  • Become a Queen Bee Activist – share the information about the Vanishing Bees, GMO’s and other important bee facts with your network.
  • Leave a comment or links about Bee Goddess info that you find moving.

Bee Blessed!



Vanishing of the Bees Movie

GMO Journal – Disappearing Bees

Book – The Honey Trail: In Search of Liquid Gold & Disappearing Bees by Grace Pundyk

Sacred Path of the Bee – Layne Redmond

Bee Prosperity by Greg Spalenka – Prints on Etsy

On my food site, The Hungry Goddess, I have been prepping an article about the danger of GMO’s and the life-altering impacts on our bees.  As the Bee Goddesses danced into my day, I have gathered some great information to add to the article!

Stay tuned for more buzzzzzzzzz ….

Bhramari Devi Hindu Bee Goddess

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  1. Pratik Nayak says:

    Thanks for a such a great site, So much research for the content, i thank you from bottom of my heart as i got picture of my “MAA” here, I need a favor please tell me how to get a big size source of the image or from where you get the image of the bee godess.

    Please Please Please, If Possible please provide us the image or from where to get it,
    Thanks for the Details…

    Thanks Once Again…..

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      HI Pratik! Thank you so much for your BEAUTIFUL comment – That is a great “MAA” to have! I found the picture on the internet so there was no direct source. I would suggest searching Bhramari Devi and then checking out images. GOOD LUCK and I would love to hear more! xo

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      Pratik – you can also find some GREAT info on Bhramari on Layne Redmond’s Bee Priestess page – check here:

  2. Aditya Joshi says:

    Jai Bhramari Chandika

    one of the most powerful 8 goddesses from devi saptashati

    She killed anrunasura and protected the world from his threat.


    very nice info. 🙂

  3. Carol says:

    This is one of my favorite articles on the site. I LOVE anything about bees (except if they sting, lol). I did not know there there goddesses associated with bees! I also downloaded the Hymns from the Hive and I love it! Thank you so much for the great article! I totally loved it!

    • Kimberly - Priestess & Founder says:

      HOORAY, Carol! Thank you for your comment – that was a fun article to write too! xoxo


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