Self Compassion, Conversations in Our Heads & The Goddess Kuan Yin

Self Compassion Conversations in Our Heads and the Goddess Kuan Yin

My morning “began” this way at about 4am …

My Body:  WAKE UP!  HEYYYY WAKE UP!  Our Tummy Hurts!!

Before I had a chance to clear the groggy, my Inner Voice kicked in:  “I knew we should not have eaten so late.  And it really wasn’t healthy.  What were you thinking?  Is this a food sabotage move?  We can’t be healthy if you are going to shove whatever you want in your face and think that there will be no consequences …”

And it continued for about 20 minutes before I mustered the strength from my little scrunched ball to respond.

Me:  “Please Shut Up, Inner Voice.  Tummies are funny things.  Let’s focus on Our Body and supporting healing.”

healing teaThe litany from the Inner Voice paused.  And shifted.  “Let’s have some kefir – the Body would like that.  And some tea – tea is good.  While you’re drinking tea, you can get comfy and read a book.  Let’s take care of the Body.”

Finally, I could agree with the Inner Voice and the Body did a hip-hip-hooray for kefir and tea and rest.

SUCCESS!  Not just with the tummy but with the Inner Voice – my loudmouth critic that loves to run down the litany of all the things that I have done wrong.  The Inner Voice is a know-it-all and leaps at the chance to tell me that it knew better when I had that fleeting thought that eating at 10pm was not a good idea.  I have been working with my Inner Voice and trying to get it to work positively and in tandem with the rest of me.

The fact that I let it ramble for so long was a nod to my discomfort physically and also a nod to the fact that old habits are hard to break.  Most of us have been living with Inner Critics, or worse Inner Haters, for most of our lives.  This not a change that will occur overnight.

My Inner Voice and I have been on a mutual journey of Self Compassion to shift the Inner Voice and support the Body.  Our bodies, minds and voices all need to be on the same page and focused positively on health and wellness to achieve health and wellness.

Functioning as a unit means Our Whole Self claims wellness much faster and the key components are Self Love, Self Care and Self Compassion.  I can still love myself and take care of myself but I am not at optimum functioning until that Inner Voice is reflecting Compassion.

Compassion for me is the blossoming of the heart that allows the action of LOVE to flow through it.  People can experience love and not compassion – in fact, that may be the origin of some of our Inner Voices – parents that loved us but used a critical voice and not a compassionate voice.

Compassion is usually related to caring for others or a cause or the planet, but Compassion starts at home.  In Your Body.  And Mind.  AND In Your Spirit … please meet the Goddess Kuan Yin who specializes in Compassion Transformations.

the goddess kuan yin on a lotusThe Goddess Kuan Yin is the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy.  Her name translates to mean “She who hears the weeping world or the cries of the world”.  Her Entire Goddess Being is Love and Compassion – one of Her stories tells of how Kuan Yin was able to pass to Nirvana and instead chose to return to Earth to help, heal, and comfort humanity – this is Her role as the Bodhisattva of Compassion.

She stands right in the center of our hearts and allows them to BLOOM.  Kuan Yin is the nicest Goddess that I know.  That may sound funny but many Goddesses are dualities.  Kuan Yin is Compassion and Love.  No judgement.  No anger.  She holds the space for us to maintain the emotion of love and apply it to ourselves and others.

So this is how we are going to CONQUER and ATTAIN SELF COMPASSION …

We are going to start training our Inner Voices to speak to us like Kuan Yin.  In Compassion.  In Love.  When the Inner Voices start getting lippy, ask them:  What Would Kuan Yin Do (or Say)?

Then I want you to SAY SOMETHING POSITIVE.  Something that makes your heart bloom.  Say it out loud, write it down and repeat it.  Make this Your Inner Voice.

Don’t just Love Yourself – Make more room for MORE LOVE in your heart with Self Compassion.

Do you need some help getting started?  Or maintaining?  (me too!)

Here are a few suggestions:


I am worthy of love from everyone, especially myself and I open my heart to allow love and compassion for myself to flow through me and into me.

Dear Body, while you are in pain, I will give you anything good and healthy that you want.  I am thinking good and healing thoughts.  I am allowing Kuan Yin and Compassion to open my heart and make more room for love and healing.  WOW.

What does Self Compassion look like for you?

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    Thank you so much Kimberly. I read this post via Christine Arylo’s Team Love fB page, and it was a brilliant start to my Monday. I too have been working on self compassion, and I am pretty familiar with Kuan Yin, yet I never put the 2 together until I read your piece. It could have been written for me! I am at a place in my life where I am working with my inner child (she’s a hurtin’ unit, that girl!), and so compassion is vital. This morning I remembered that within all of us is the wise grandmother, the loving medicine woman, who contains all the knowledge of our Selves we could ever need. That is the voice that guides me, as my intuition. After I read your piece I took a bubble bath, instinctively put my Ipod on shuffle, and read a magazine. Within minutes, out of the thousands of songs on my Ipod, ‘Open Heart’ by HARC (from the album songs of Kuan Yin) was playing. It reminded me that we are not alone on our path…and that when we heed the gentle advice of our wise woman, we reunite with others (like yourself and Christine) and together, we heal the plane and ourselves with compassion and love. Thank you, and happy Monday!

    • Kimberly Moore says:

      Ashleigh, after I recovered from the goose bumps, I did a happy Goddess Dance just for you! THANK YOU so much – you made my Monday and I am coming to visit your site now! xoxoxo

  2. Pamela says:

    Thank you for this beautiful post. You gave such practical yet loving suggestions when that inner critic arises. In my coaching practice, which is called PVN Self Compassion Coaching, I often hear the negative self talk in my clients, what you so wisely named the Inner Hater. People soften when they begin to learn how to use that compassionate voice with themselves. And that wisdom is often in our bodies.
    I will share this link with my clients and the connection to Kuan Yin.
    Thank you.


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