The Goddess Circe & Releasing Negative Energy

Circe – Great Sorceress and infamous for turning men into swines, she was immortalized in Homer’s Odyssey as the Goddess who encountered and enchanted Odysseus.  She was also the Goddess that acted as a Guide to Odysseus as he faced the perils of Hades and the creatures on his journeys.

Enchantress, Magician, Siren, Sorceress, Herbalist, Temptress, Transformer, Witch, Illusionist, Necromancer, Daughter of Hekate, Wrathful, Benevolent … Circe runs the gamut of aspects of the Dark Goddess.

My relationship with the Goddess Circe has always been transformational – I appeal to her when I am working with herbs or transformational magick.  Circe is not a Goddess to approach lightly, but she holds the secrets of the Underworld and how to traverse it intact.  She is powerful and capricious … destruction to prove a point and for the ultimate greater good is completely within her realm.

In the Odyssey book X the process of Circe is described: “She gave then all comfortable seats, and made them a posset, cheese and meal and pale honey mixt with Promneian wine; but she put dangerous drugs in the mess, to make them wholly forget their native land. When once they had swallowed it, she gave them a tap of her wand at once and herded them into pens; for they now had pig heads and grunts and bristles, pigs all over except that their minds were the same as before. There they were then, miserably shut up in the pigsty. Circe threw them a lot of beechnuts and acorns and cornel-beans to eat, such as the earth-bedded swine are used to.”

Circe was an interesting appearance for me this week since I was dealing with many deep issues that need to be transformed … purged … made new.

Many years ago, I had a metaphysical teacher that gave me a very simple exercise – when I have negative thoughts around a particular issue that I am working on, I need to stop … breathe … give it a shape … give it a color … and give it away.  Give it away as in to a Guide or Higher Power or, this week, Goddess.

As I used this exercise this week, I was pleasantly surprised that when I was ready to “give it away”, it was Circe who leaned forward and took my burden from me.

Hail to transformations and Hail to the Great Sorceress Circe – Goddess of Transformation!

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