Online Course New Year Special! 25 Courses under $25

Happy New Year! New Year ~ New Intentions ~ New Journeys! Get a jump start for the New Year and check out some of our online offerings and courses that align with your intentions and budget for 2017! How are you creating the life that you want to live in the New Year? This is the time of planting seeds, dreaming and visioning, working with annual cycles to invite new growth in the coming Spring. […] Read more »

Astrology Update – Full Moon in Cancer for January 2017 {Mary Lomando}

Hello Everyone, Happy 2017 !! This week as Mercury joins the team of forward moving planets, it is a great time to move ahead with all your New Year resolutions and plans. If you are thinking of traveling this spring, please visit for our amazing March 2017 trip to Egypt with Full Moon Nile Cruise and Spring Equinox at the Sphinx. (Early registration discounts applicable until Jan 25th). FULL MOON IN CANCER: The First […] Read more »

The Sacred Intention Challenge Starts January 3 {Charlotte Elea}

Welcome to the Sacred Intention Challenge. Deepen your relationship with Tarot, meditation, symbolism and ritual, and discover how much energy you can shift in 6 days. We step into our sacred paths on January 3, 2017. This free 6-day experience will walk you through the steps to create an intention that aligns your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. A process that will immediately move you forward on your divine path. You’ll create your intention […] Read more »

Goddess Feast Days and Celebrations for January 2017

Happy New Year and Welcome 2017! I think many of us are breathing a collective sigh of relief to leave 2016 firmly in the rearview mirror. While the past year may have brought challenges, I encourage you to count the blessings as well and bring as much of that energy as possible into the New Year. We enter 2017 still under Mercury’s retrograde influence and it will finally go direct on January 8. Take advantage […] Read more »

Celebrating January 2017 Full Moon with the Orisha Goddess OYA {Goddess Full Moon Group}

Join the Goddess Full Moon Group for a powerful first Full Moon of the New Year celebrating the Orisha Goddess OYA on Thursday, January 12 at 8pm eastern. The Moon is Full in Cancer on 1/12/17. Brandi Auset and I lead the Goddess Full Moon Group every month, as well as some special Goddess Wheel celebrations, and it includes discussion of the featured Goddess, a guided meditation, and a chat with Q&A after the meditation.   […] Read more »

Goddess Isis Rite for the New Year {M. Isidora Forrest}

The ancient Egyptian New Year came in late summer and marked the beginning of the fertilizing Nile Inundation. Here in Portland, January is certainly part of our own inundating rainy season, but it is hardly in tune with the ancient late-summer New Year. Yet for devotees of Isis, there is a New Year’s treat to be had. You see, for those of us in the northern hemisphere, Sirius reaches its highest point in the night […] Read more »

MotherRoot – The Depths of Her Soul – Winter Digest 2016

Welcome to MotherRoot Winter! This evening is the “dark moon” of the year. It is the night that invites us to explore the depths of the Soul of Goddess and our Selves as well. We turn to the Goddesses of Winter who are contracting in preparation for the expansion of new growth in the Spring. The Goddesses who are about to birth the Sun/Son. And the Crones who stand watch, poking at the coals of […] Read more »

December New Moon Ritual with Laura Amazzone for Parvati – Goddess of Strength, Devotion, and Commitment

Parvati, Goddess of Strength, Devotion and Commitment Please join Laura Amazzone on this New Moon as we invoke the powerful Goddess Parvati. Parvati brings forth powers of transformation through yogic and tantric practices. Through allowing Her to guide us through our most tender and vulnerable places, Parvati shows us a path toward liberation. Live Teaching and Ritual is at 8pm eastern on December 28, 2016 – Archive available for replay after. The ritual is offered via […] Read more »