Invocation – A Poem {Janine Canan}

Invocation A Poem by Janine Canan on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Mother Earth, it is not you who need to be invoked—for you are always here! But we your human children who today must be invoked—who have abandoned you, forgotten to call upon you, neglected to care for you, failed to serve you and disregarded your needs. Help us now to […] Read more »

Kali – A Poem {Mary Reid Bogue}

Kali A Poem by Mary Reid Bogue MotherHouse of the Goddess

Kali. Goddess. Open me up. Break me apart. Gently at first. Whisper love to me as you Tear me limb from limb. Destroy my pretty paradigms Shatter my shoddy illusions Rip my seams asunder Tear the veil before my eyes. I want to see with your vision My eyes have […] Read more »