#GoddessAlive Radio – Linda Star Wolf – Teacher, Shamanic Guide, & Creator of Shamanic Breathwork™ 8/6/15 at 8pm edt

Linda Star Wolf Shamanic Breathwork

Goddess Alive Radio welcomes Linda Star Wolf, Teacher, Shamanic Guide, and creator of Shamanic Breathwork™! She is the author of eight books on Shamanic Psychospiritual transformation and has dedicated her life to helping others to release dysfunctional patterns of all kinds and to radically transform their lives. Join us for […] Read more »

#GoddessAlive Radio – Dr. Jalaja Bonheim on Her New Book “The Sacred Ego” & Full Moon Meditation

The Sacred Ego COVER

Goddess Alive Radio welcomes the inspirational Dr. Jalaja Bonheim, Author, Teacher, and Leader in Women’s Circles, and Founder of CircleWork™ around the world. She is also an Instructor on Mystery School of the Goddess and is leading Invoking the Goddess of Wealth, beginning August 11 . Jalaja is joining us […] Read more »

New on Mystery School of the Goddess – The Elemental You with Priestess Brandi Auset

Elemental You Online Course with Priestess Brandi Auset

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit.  These five elements form the Universe, and everything within it –including you! In spiritual psychology, the elements represent particular aspects of our mental, physical, and emotional selves. Earth is our sense of security and abundance; Air our wisdom and how we act up on it. […] Read more »