The Goddess Lilith on Being Dominated

Domination & Editing ~ Eliza Fayle

In my previous article, The Goddess Lilith on Asserting Equality, our feisty goddess was confused about her unequal relationship with Adam. It seemed pretty clear to Lilith that they were two parts of the same whole. Yet, Adam was trying to edit her behaviours and dominate her. In this series of articles, I […] Read more »

Starting Over – A Poem {Janine Canan}

Starting Over a Poem by Janine Canan MotherHouse of the Goddess

The word God— the way it has been used— stands between so many people and “God.” We could try another word—like Light, Supreme Being, Life, All That Is, or Unnameable! Or just be silent and good. Or horror of all horrors— call him Mother. Him—that’s the big problem, isn’t it, […] Read more »

#GoddessAlive Radio – Connecting with Spirit Guides, Goddesses, Angels, & Power Animals 7/19 at 8pm est (CALL IN)

Goddess Alive Radio Connecting with Spirit Guides Goddesses Angels and Power Animals MotherHouse of the Goddess

Join us on Saturday night, July 19 at 8pm eastern on Goddess Alive Radio for a show discussing ways to connect with your personal Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Power Animals.  We will cover how to recognize Spirit reaching out, the appearance of omens and signs, and synchronicity. Kimberly F. […] Read more »

The Goddess Lilith on Asserting Equality

Asserting Equality ~ Eliza Fayle

In my previous article, The Goddess Lilith: Myth versus Archetype, I provided a definition of archetype used by author Tom Jacobs. Over nine weeks here on MotherHouse, I will be exploring my behaviour and developmental story using the framework that Jacobs’ employs in his book Lilith: Healing the Wild. Starting with … […] Read more »