Daughter – A Poem {Dr. Janine Canan}

Daughter A Poem by Janine Canan on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share5 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 5Ever fresh, I descend again into the dark and soothing Earth— a seed needing that dark moist nutrition in order to open my innermost self. Slowly, slowly I crack and rise, the precious pale then green daughter of Earth herself. from Mystic Bliss by Janine Canan Tweet Share5 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 5 Read more »

Theapoetics {Molly Remer}

Theapoetics by Molly Remer on MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share3 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 3I think there is a poet in me she’s been hiding I didn’t know she was there I didn’t see her I didn’t hear her I didn’t watch for her wait for her listen to her or know her and yet, when I come to this place in the woods and I sit down and I open my mouth poetry comes out and I really think she’s been here […] Read more »

The Precipice and the Bridge – Yoga Beyond the Stretch {Yoga Journeys Series – Mary Petiet}

Yoga Journeys - The Precipice and the Bridge by Mary Petiet for MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share39 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 39 The modern, industrial West is in the throes of a growing fascination with the ancient practice of yoga. On our yoga mats, we can bridge the precipice between old and new realities as we explore new spiritual territory. According to The United States Yoga Federation, there are 22 million Americans currently practicing yoga. Additionally, in 2012 a Pew Research Center poll revealed that one-fifth of the U.S. public […] Read more »

Goddess Saraswati Live New Moon Ritual June 4 with Laura Amazzone

Goddess Saraswati Live New Moon Ritual Tile Mystery School of the Goddess

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailShares 0Saraswati: Goddess Creativity & Wisdom Please join Laura Amazzone on this New Moon in Gemini as we honor Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati is a Wisdom Goddess, a Goddess of Speech, Sacred Sounds and all the Arts. We will invoke Her sacred flow of inspiration & healing. We will tune into Her powers of contemplation and meditation as we set intentions for our creative and healing endeavors in the coming lunar cycle! […] Read more »

High Priestess Tarot – Four of Cups {Kathryn Ravenwood}

4-of-cups-fenestra tarot

Tweet Share5 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 5 TAKING A TIME OUT   Sometimes it is just too much. Life may be rich and full but there comes a point when we feel we cannot take on – or feel – one more thing. We need a time out, time to process and regroup. The woman in the above card looks “done” to me. Three goblets sit upon her table. Maybe she has partaken of all […] Read more »

Eve – The Mother of All The Living {Lauri Ann Lumby}

Eve as Goddess and Mother of All the Living MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share4 Pin +1 Share EmailShares 4In the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice is the time we celebrate the work we have done in preparing the soil and planting the seeds of that which will bear fruit in the fall. While there is still work to be done – keeping our germinating seeds free from the harm of pests and weeds, protecting our growing crops and keeping them watered, the most challenging work is done. […] Read more »

MotherRoot May – The Earth is Her Body

MotherRoot May Tile The Earth is Her Body

Tweet2 Share48 Pin1 +11 Share EmailShares 52 Welcome to MotherRoot May 2016! The Earth is Her body … we are about a month away from Summer Solstice and Gaia is moving to full bloom. We bear witness to Her fertility and abundance in the Northern Hemisphere and the call to spend more and more time in nature is strong. Sync with the land, with Gaia. Call Her powers of abundance to your life and return […] Read more »

The Key to Egyptian Magic – Part 1 {M Isidora Forrest}

The Key to Egyptian Magic Part 1 by M Isidora Forrest Isis at Abydos

Tweet Share12 Pin1 +1 Share EmailShares 13Yep. I’ve said it. Balls out. If I had balls. So ovaries out, I guess. I’m certain that the technique I’m going to talk about today is one of—if not the—key to Egyptian magic. It has no known Egyptian name, but you find it everywhere throughout Egyptian sacred written materials. It freaked out the Greeks when they learned about it from Egypt. It still freaks out some modern magic […] Read more »