Astrology Update – New Moon in Aquarius for February 8 {Mary Lomando}

Astrology Update New Moon in Aquarius by Mary Lomando

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0Hello Everyone,  This New Moon of February 8 coincides with Chinese New Year, the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Monkey is clever, versatile, and a trickster. The Monkey year favors making changes and adjustments; building, creating, and innovating. It’s a fast-paced year that can be temperamental at times. The Year of the Monkey 2016 is a year for pursuing our interests, grabbing opportunities, and taking calculated risks. The year […] Read more »

Starting a Love Affair with Vishnu – Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya and the Vaijayanti Mala #MantraMonday

Vishnu by Stephen Knapp

Tweet Share1 Pin1 +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 2 I bow before the God Vishnu, Who is personification of peace, Who sleeps on his folded arms, Who has a lotus on his belly, Who is the God of gods, Who is the basis of earth, Who is similar to the sky, Who is of the colour of the cloud, Who has beautiful limbs, Who is the consort of Lakshmi, Who has lotus like eyes, Who is […] Read more »

A Prayer to the Magdalene {Lauri Ann Lumby}

Mary Magdalene Icon by Sophia Christine

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0Prayer to the Magdalene Mary, called Magdalene, Great Tower of Faith, Beloved of Christ: We humbly come before you in search of your intercession. We ask for your eyes that we may see, Your ears that we may hear, Your wisdom that we may know, Your heart that we may love, Your feet that we may walk the pathways of truth, Your hands that we may serve. Grant […] Read more »

Daily Pleasure Rituals with the Goddess Aphrodite {Brandi Auset}

Daily Pleasure Rituals with the Goddess Aphrodite

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0 Happy Aphrodite Day! February 6 is the ancient Goddess feast day for Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of physical love, attraction, beauty, seduction, and mischief.  Her influence isn’t just about the carnal acts but the entire experience. The romance of holding another’s hand, of couch cuddling and hot chocolate; the sweet taste of another’s mouth, the smell of perfume and pheromones; the feeling that swells in […] Read more »

Happy Brigid’s Day! Resources for Connecting to the Goddess Brigid

Connecting with the Goddess Brigid Resources and Links MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0   Brigid has been known by many names: Brigit, Brig, Bride, Brigantia, Saint Brigid, and Mary of the Gael.  But no name encapsulates her personality as well as the term Breo Saighead (or Breo Aigit), meaning “fiery arrow or power.”  Although this term was thought to be the root source of Brigid’s name (as stated in the ninth-century book Cormac’ Glossary), modern scholars have proven this early […] Read more »

The Goddess ISIS the Alchemist {M. Isidora Forrest}

The Hebrew prophetess, Miriam; from the Dormition Church in Jerusalem; photo by Deror Avi

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0Like Her fellow Magician God, Hermes Trismegistos (aka Thoth), the Goddess Isis is associated with early alchemy. In an alchemical text with the lengthy title The True Book of Sophe the Egyptian and of the God of the Hebrews, Lord of the Powers, Sabaoth, we learn of a particular alchemical method called the Tincture of Isis. Why are Isis and Her tincture mentioned in a book “of the God of […] Read more »

Winter – a poem by Dr. Janine Canan {Rhythms Winter}

Winter a poem by Dr Janine Canan MotherHouse of the Goddess

Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal Shares 0You lost your leaves, my dear, large leathery yellow hands and last hard green figs— your pale gray limbs so exposed now in the cold. I wish I could cover you in my love, keep you warm through Winter, but I cannot, must let you be—trust in Spring to revive and bring your lovely sweet fruit again. from the Winter Mysteries series Tweet Share Pin +1 Share EmailTotal […] Read more »