52 Goddesses – On Mary Magdalene

52 Goddesses - On Mary Magdalene by Gael Alba MotherHouse of the Goddess

Having grown up as a good Catholic girl, throughout my youth I lived the embodiment of soulful contact in the best sense of the word – loving, kind, spiritual, open-hearted. Still, I was always bothered by the stories of the supposed “bad” girl called Mary Magdalene, who Jesus publicly forgave […] Read more »

A Message from the Chaskas ~ Star Energies

Mona Rain Journal Message from the Chaskas MotherHouse of the Goddess

~ Mona Rain Journal…March 2013, Cuzco, Peru ~ “Maestro, I am hearing the Chaskas (star energies) asking us to journey with them!” He looked at me, puzzled. “No, no Monita, we will be too cold!’ “But, Maestro, I hear them strongly,” I said. Again he looked … with precision, through […] Read more »