Celebrate Durga Puja – Nine Nights of the Divine Mother with Laura Amazzone on Mystery School of the Goddess

Durga Puja Nine Nights of the Divine Mother - Mystery School of the Goddess 300

You are invited to become Durga and ride Her tiger of power and strength in a ten-day ritual course dedicated to the largest contemporary Goddess Festival on the planet! Celebrate the Annual Fall Durga Puja from your home temple or anywhere you are through a special online daily practice and […] Read more »

Truth, Intimacy & Creative Self- Expression with Mother/Creator with Carolan Deacon and Featuring Pixie Lighthorse starts 10/4

Mother Creator Archetype True Voice with Carolan Deacon

Carolan Deacon has an amazing series happening this Fall that facilitates tapping into your true voice for powerful expression. The second in the series begins this Sunday, October 4 – get your registration in now! Music that guides you into a creative vortex, visioning what your truth in creative expression […] Read more »